In Development: Perfect Element!

You have been called upon by the Federation Space Academy to pilot an experimental ship called the Advent on a Top Secret mission.  What starts out as a routine investigation quickly turns into a battle to save the universe from ultimate destruction at the writhing tentacles of a mysterious, new enemy!

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Using The Fill Tool (Gradients)

Select the fill tool and press  to open the settings.


Choose 'Gradient' from the 'Fill Style' menu.


Choose 'Circle' from the 'Gradient' menu.


When you are finished with these settings, press the 'Done' button.


Press and hold the spacebar or  to begin drawing. Use  which will begin drawing a line. The start of the line will be where the foreground color begins, the end of the line where the background colors begins. Release the spacebar or  to apply the gradient.


Using a circle gradient.


Using an oval gradient.


Using a square gradient.


Using a rectangle gradient.


Using a line gradient.


Using a cylinder gradient.

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