Bing (Microsoft Live Search) Released To All T-Moble Sidekick Devices!

Requiem was contracted by Danger/Microsoft to create the Bing (Live Search) for its latest iteration of devices. Our software was released as pre-installed software for all T-Mobile Sidekick mobile devices. Millions of devices now use this application daily.

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Using The Fill Tool (Pattern)

Select the fill tool and press  to open the settings.


Choose 'Pattern' from the 'Fill Style' menu.


Choose a pattern from the 'Pattern' image picker.

For more information on how to create pattersn, View The Tutorial


When you are finished with these settings, press the 'Done' button.


Press and release the spacebar or  on the region you want to fill.


Just for fun we'll fill the red region with a second pattern.


Press and release the spacebar or  on the red region.

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