Arena Dodgeball Released!

Duck, catch and throw your way through multiple opponents as you create and control a team of three dodgeball superstars. Play exhibition games to hone your skills and get points to increase your player's stats. Once your team is ready, take them to the championship. You will need all of your skill because this is a fast-paced no-holds-barred game of dodgeball. Be quick or eat rubber!

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Using The Text Tool

Select the text tool and press  to open the settings.


The first field is where you enter the text. A sample of how the text will appear can be found in the gray box on the bottom-right.


Choose a font from the 'Font Name' menu. The fonts are available are one built into the Operating System - at the current time there is no way to add additional fonts. The font color will match the foreground color you have selected in the canvas window. For outline-style fonts, the selected background color will be used.


The 'Padding' setting is used to adjust the spacing between each character. A higher setting adds more space...


... a lower setting removes space.


Similarly, the 'Leading' setting adjusts the spacing between each line. A higher setting adds more space...


... a lower setting removes space.


When satified, press the 'Done' button.


Text will be drawn starting from where your cursor is, so move the cursor using  to where you would like the text to be.


Finally, press the space bar or  to add your text.

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